2020 VISION!

OMG…..It Has been over 4 years since I made a post. But I have been given a message that I must share and was at a lost on how to do it……but then I remembered……..I have a blog!

For the past 7 months I have been focused on being able to listen to GOD and to be more sensitive to his leading. I have been going through a listen prayer training class at my church. This class has not only being teaching me how to hear from GOD but how to help others hear from him and heal from their past. It has been a wonderful experience but at times it is also uncomfortable- it pushes me outside my comfort zone.

Today as I was listening and worshiping God, he began to speak to me and I want to share what he said to me with you. Now that many of us are practicing social distancing- which I know is by God’s design- it is a perfect time to strengthen our relationship with him.

Below is what I received today!

This is the year that God is going to open our eyes. To see what we have been neglecting and what we have been putting before him. He is going to get your attention one way or another. Will you listen? Will you follow his leading?

I am going to break this down just a little bit.

20/20 Vision

We have been saying all year- but do you know what it really means. 20/20 Vision is seeing beyond the natural realm, to the spiritual realm. It is here where God begins to reveal his plans for us and where we pray for his plans to be visible here on earth. God has a plan for your life, for you marriage, for the lives of your children, friends, co-workers etc.  God wants to reveal his plans to us, but first we have to stop working on our own plans and seek God’s plan for our lives. (Jeremiah 29:11-13) (Hebrews 11)

What have we been neglecting?

Here it is simple- GOD! You might say- I go to church every Sunday, but that is not enough. He wants more of you. He wants to communicate with you daily. God wants you to invite him into your home-into your jobs, into your circumstances. We neglect spending time with GOD!

On busy days- I try to find 10-15 minutes in his presence- in the shower, in the car while my kids are at baseball practice, while preparing dinner. I invite him into my life and I talk, pray and listen to him in these moments throughout my day. There are days set aside that I spend more time in his presence. We have to make this a part of our everyday lives, just like eating, brushing your teeth etc. Sometimes I often find that I am not that hungry once I have spent time in his presence- because I have been feed on his word ((Matthew 4:4)- So if you don’t want to eat all your corona groceries- get full of Jesus…ha, ha, ha!

What are we putting before GOD

EVERYTHING- If you know me- you know I have two boys and they both play baseball. And for a time we were not going to church on Sunday or Wednesday due to games and practices. I was putting baseball before GOD. (just one example)  Finally I told the coaches- “If you practice on Wednesday nights- They will not be there. We will be going to Wednesday night worship services- so if you want them on your team – you will need to be okay with this.” Surprisingly- I didn’t receive one complaint. One coach even made an attempt not to schedule practices or games on Wednesday nights. I made a decision to put GOD first. After all, there is no guarantee that they will be professional baseball players or even get a baseball scholarship to college. But it is a guarantee that if we seek God first- we will have eternal life. He will keep us tucked safely under his wings. There are many thing we put before GOD , but I wanted to keep this post short and sweet. However, I am here to let you know that he is not pleased. (Matthew 6:33)

So my challenge to you in the next few weeks while many of us are at home with our families is to seek GOD. Set some time aside each day to be in his presence- ask him to reveal to you anything he wants you to know, play gospel music while you and your family are cleaning or cooking or just relaxing. Schedule family prayer sessions- just finds ways to invite God into your life and into your home.

He has great plans for you and he is ready to lead you down a path where his plans for your life will be revealed. Will you listen? Will you follow his leading?

If you are interested in learning about listening prayer or just practicing in a small private group setting- just let me know!

I pray that you all remain safe during this time!

Much Love,



***Disclaimer….This is a post I started a while ago and did not finish. I am publishing today in hope that it will inspire you in some way***

Today I decided to go for a long run at the park. I typically do my long runs on Saturday, but yesterday the pavement got the best of me, so about 1/2 way through, I decided to call it a day and I promised myself that I would return tomorrow to accomplish what neither my mind or body wanted to accomplish on yesterday. I left feeling defeated, of course this is not the first time that this has happened and I am certain that it will not be the last, but the feeling of defeat is a tough pill to follow.

So today, yes on Valentine’s Day-  I decided to lace up and hit the pavement again, I was determined to accomplish my goal for this week. However, about 5 Minutes into the run, the same feeling came over me. My mind and body were disconnected. My body wanted to run slow, my mind wanted to run fast, I couldn’t get my rhythm going, my breathing was off , my shoes seemed to be to tight, there was a slight tingle in my right leg……… I had to take too many walking breaks, more than I care to mention. I thought to myself, this is not me, this type of running will not get me prepared for my upcoming races, I am will not accomplish my goals with mediocre runs.  Being that I was determined to win the war that was going on inside my head I decided to change things up a bit. I found a new playlist, gave myself pep talks, I relaced my shoe strings, but even then nothing changed. It was at that point I decided that I would just go with the follow and finally I finished my run, I completed the distance I had set, although the time it took was a bit disappointing for my liking.

As I was heading to my car, a young lady approached me and asked what I was listening to doing my run. She stated that I seemed to really be enjoying myself and that I appeared to have a lot of stamina. Lastly she stated that I gave her inspiration to continue her running journey when she felt like quitting. If she only knew how I was feeling at this point. Her words were music to my ears- she had actually inspired me and didn’t even know it.

I have said all this to say, that even on your worst day, when you feel that you did not do your best, you can still inspire someone to be their best. Your struggle is never in vain- you never know who is watching you!!!!









I Need A Glass Of Wine!

After a long work week- I often look forward to Friday evenings. My plans are to catch up on my shows from the week while enjoying a couple of glasses of wine- (yes, let’s be honest- no one can have just one glass) It is my way of relaxing and de-stressing from my long and hectic work week.

Well on a recent Friday- I had one obstacle after another……

1st- It was raining and cold outside and while I was on my way to work I was involved in a accident, nothing major but enough to hinder the start of my day.

2nd- I finally made it to work about 2 hours later-only to have to rush into a meeting that I wasn’t completely prepared for, needless to say the meeting did not turn out as I had hoped. However, as the day went on things seemed to be getting a bit better.

3rd- I was ready to head home for the evening, only to realized that I had locked my keys in the car……….REALLY!

So after waiting for a hour to get my doors unlocked I was finally heading home and that is when the great desire  to relax and enjoy a glass of wine overwhelmed my senses. I could picture it…..I was going to get my nice cozy blanket, pop some popcorn, put my feet up and enjoy a glass or two of wine. After all I had, had a rough day, both my mind and body deserved this RIGHT?……………WRONG……I suddenly remembered that I was 14 Days in into my annual 21 Day New Years Fast, so enjoying a glass of wine was totally out of the question, the disappointment set in again…..What am I going to do?…..Frankly I was tried of drinking nothing but water.

It was at the moment- I turned my focus to God- I talked to him about my day and how stressful it had been. I asked him to give me peace and to clear my mind so that my evening at home with my family would be enjoyable and better than the 1st half of my day. The relief was immediate- the calmness and peacefulness I experienced was indescribable.

So my take away from the day was learn to lean on God more- he is the ultimate stress reliever, and while there is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine, don’t let it be a hindrance to you developing a closer relationship with God.  He is waiting to hear from us, he loves when we lay our burdens on him and seek his help.

So the next time your day is filled with frustrations, set backs, or disappointment, opt to have just a little talk with Jesus instead of pouring that glass of wine. You will be amazed at the clarity and calmness it brings.

Until Next Time……………Peace, ♥ and Fitness!






I’M Back…….

Wow…..I cannot believe that it has been almost 2 years since my last post. That is a long, long time….Well during that time I learned a lot about life and about myself…..so here goes!

I have achieved some of my goals, and failed at just as many, and some I have not even attempted to start. I have learned that I can’t do it all and it is okay to say “no”. I have learned that I am not the Christian that I desire to be and it is a daily battle between my mind and flesh. I have learned that you cannot call everyone a friend (there are levels to friendship-yes, you still have to play the friendship game as an adult) I have learned that somebody is always judging you and most importantly I learned that I don’t care what people think. The only opinion that really matters is mine and my kids of course- they recently told me I was a “cool mom”…no other approval is really needed- although I am sure that will change once winter break is over…ha, ha!

But most of all I have learned whether you succeed or fail- determination is the key. We should never be afraid to fail, but failing is never an option. Things may not work out the way that we plan, you may have to start over, take another route, but if you are willing to humble yourself, accept defeat, get up and dust yourself off, eventually you will achieve the desirable outcome.

So instead of focusing on how to live a christian life, I have decided that I will just share parts of my life and the lessons that I have learned along the way, in hopes that it will help you with whatever you may be dealing with in your life.

Happy New Year and I am looking forward to new and exciting things!



Would You Pass The Test?

Genesis 22:2- Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about”……(NIV)

Abraham and his wife Sarah longed to have a child together, finally when Sarah was 90 years old and Abraham 100 years old, she gave birth to a son and they named him Isaac. Now God is instructing  Abraham to kill Isaac. (If you have not read this story in its entirety, I would strongly encourage you to read chapter 22 of Genesis.)

This is one of the most touching stories in the bible for me, it brings tears to my eyes every time read this chapter. I put myself in Abraham’s place and I often ask myself…………would I have passed this test?  I know there is no love greater than the love a parent has for their child,  it is an unspeakable, unimaginable, a different type of love and to have such a request made by our Heavenly Father would baffle many, if not all of us.  I can only imagine the mix emotions that Abraham was feeling, I believe there had to be series of doubts and questions of why God would make such a request of him, after fulfilling  his promise to give them the one thing he and Sarah desired most.

However, verses 7-8 show us just how much Abraham trusted God…Isaac asked….”Father”? The fire and wood are here, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering”……..And that’s exactly what he did.

God test us in so many ways, sometimes we pass the test and other times we fall flat on our faces, but unlike the math teacher who is not willingly to give you a retest, God keeps working with us until we have mastered the subject.  Our faith will always be tested, this is fact. There may be things  you are asking God for, desires he has placed in your heart, but you don’t see them coming to past. It doesn’t mean that it is not going to happen, it just means that you are being prepared to fully receive what God has in store for you. There are tests that have to be passed, skills that have to be mastered, characteristics that need to be molded and most importantly faith that cannot be broken.

I must say that I am so glad to know that I will not be tested as Abraham was tested, Jesus paid the price for us all so we would not have to endure this type of test.  However, I  know that I am being tested, pushed, and prepared in order successfully handle the blessings that he has in store for me. To be honest, some of the test I do not like, I am being pushed out of my comfort zone, having to be more humble, working on many personal aspects of my life, and finally realizing ,”I ain’t there yet!”  I have opened my heart and mind to God teachings, I am excited about the journey and determined to pass the test. After all, none of these test compare to the test given to Abraham, so how bad can it really be?

I would like to challenge  you to look at the areas in your life where you are being tested. Set aside some one on one time with the Lord, ask him to reveal to you the areas where you fall short and then reasearch the bible for scriptures and mediate on those scriptures, so that you will be equipped and ready to pass the test. Remember….You must learn to pass the small test and do what God is asking  you to do or it will keep you from the big things he has in store for you.

Lastly, after reading chapter 22, dare to ask yourself…………Would I pass this test?


Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, and Leave the Rest to God


I Need A Refill!

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day…..2 Corinthians 4:16- (NIV)


“It is hard to remain positive all the time”…… Over the past month I have heard this phrase countless times from both friends and co-workers. I would have to agree 100% and really this has been the cause of my silence for the past month.  It is hard to encourage others when you can barely encourage yourself. My vision has been cloudy, I have been neglecting my one on one time with the Lord, feelings of doubt and frustration had taken a temporary hold over my mind.  To be honest…everyday life had gotten the best of me and left me feeling like there was nothing else to give.

We all have a breaking point…… You walk around with a smile on your face and while on the inside you feel as though you are falling apart….. your life isn’t going the way you planned, marriage falling apart, kids acting out, feeling over worked and underpaid, health issues, personal struggles …the list goes on and on.  The good thing is…… God does not expect us to be perfect, he knows that we will fall down, but it is up to us not to stay down, we have to get back up again, we have to learn to rely on his word and speak his word over us during these times of frustration and doubt….It is during these times that you must call out to the Lord, when your bucket is running low or even if it has run completely dry…throw up your hands, and open your heart and shout….”Lord I NEED A REFILL”… a refill of strength, determination, encouragement, just enough to make it through the day. In his word he says.. “Come to me all who are weary and burden and I will give you rest”

My goal today is to encourage you to keep moving forward in faith, be true to yourself and honest with God. Learn to rely on him for the peace, confidence, and understanding you need to conqueror whatever situation you are facing. Challenges and obstacles are designed to make us stronger, to help renew our faith and to teach us to lean on him at all times.  We are coming into a new season,  circumstances are changing, you will be pushed to the limit and out of your comfort zone. Some are entering into uncharted territory and it looks scary, but know that God is with you and leading you and when you feel like you can’t go on another day…..remember he is waiting and ready to refill your cup.


God Bless



Patience Is A Virtue!

“But let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be prefect and entire, wanting nothing”…..James 1:4 (KJV)

June 22, 2008- I remember this day so vividly. I was determined to start my day in the presence of the Lord, making sure to give him thanks for allowing this day to come to pass, for protecting and guiding me and for blessing me with a supportive husband who had been more than willingly to be the sole provider while I attended graduate school. And also to ask that all my hard work not be in vain, but be beneficial to my family and my professional growth.  However, little did I know that the real test was just starting…………….

Patience is one thing that most of us struggle with whether it is dealing with our children, husband, co-workers, or waiting on what looks like a bad situation to change, etc. So often we hear that patience is a virtue which in translations means the ability to wait without getting angry or upset, to continue to wait without taking matters into our own hands, staying the course, trusting in God, no matter what the current situation looks like.

Patience helps to build our character it strengthens our faith and dependence on God. We become slow to anger, quick to listen, more understanding, our reaction time is slower because we are now consulting with God before making a rash or ratchet decision that in the end will only hurt us. So often we ask and pray for things without considering the full ramifications of the request.  Other skills may need to be sharpened, increases in other areas of your life may be required….God is looking at the BIG picture.

 When you come to realize that God is always working for your good, it makes the hard pill a lot easier to swallow when you get the rejection letter, when a door suddenly closes, when you are stuck in traffic, when you child spills milk all over the floor and now you have to clean it up, when things just don’t go the way you had hoped. Take a minute to rejoice and thank God when things don’t go your way, it is his way of protecting you and preparing you for something bigger and better.

Well….It has been almost six years  and I am still waiting, but I have grown in so many other areas.  Over the past 6 years I have experienced many stumbling blocks, but the most devastating was losing sight of God and my goals. I am finally back on track, the desires I once had have been renewed, I have refocused my energy on serving God and letting him lead the way.

Remember …God will not lead you down a path of failure and defeat, his timing is always perfect, his ways are bigger and better than yours. Give God control because he is the only one who can give you victory Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work ♥

Scriptures For Study and Meditation:

  • Psalm 40
  • Proverbs 14:29
  • Romans 8:25
  • Isaiah 45:5-7
  • Lamentations 3:19-24

For a good read and lesson on Patience- there is the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers, sent to prison and eventually became the King of Egypt. ( Genesis 37-42). And also the story of  Sarah and Hagar- Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands, she became impatient.





March 2014- Daily Reading

Below is the Daily reading for March 2014- this month we will focus on Confidence.

When you know  how valuable you are to God and how he sees you, it helps to build your self-confidence.

Confidence in knowing that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, it provides us with the strength needed push ourselves farther and not settle where we are. God has an amazing plan for your life, but you have to believe in order to receive♥  

There is also a task for the month to memorize God’s Protective Armor (Ephesians 6:10-19)

We should be sure that we are properly clothed when we leave the house this includes putting on God’s Protective Armor, so that we are well equipped to handle what ever the day brings. I do apologize for getting this our late, we are 6 days behind, so get out those prayer journals and get to work!

March 2014- Daily reading

March 2014- Daily reading

Spirituality and Health

Our Spirituality and Health go hand in hand. The bible actually outlines a good diet plan for us to follow and to incorporate in our daily lives. That plan is now being referred to as “Clean Eating” or “The Daniel Plan” which is a bit different from ” The Daniel Fast”, although the guidelines are still the same, “The Daniel Plan” allows food that “The Daniel Fast”does not.  (References: Daniel 1:12, Daniel 10:3, Deuteronomy 14)

Along with my daily workout routine, I have also implemented a “clean eating” plan. When we decide to make better choices about our health we are teaching ourselves to have self-discipline, patience, and obedience. All these characteristics are essential when it comes to Living A Christian Life as well.

Below are a few things I have learned on my  journey to become healthy and fit, I hope these tips help to motivate and inspire you. 

1. You will never exercise your way to your ideal weight – I follow the 80/20 Rule- 80% diet/20% exercise.

2. Enjoy a YOLO meal every now and then ( You Only Live Once)- 80/20 Rule- 80% healthy, 20% cheats.

3. Try to eat more home cooked meals. You have better control of what is put into your body when you are making it yourself.

4. Reduce the amount of fried foods, foods with added sugar, sodas and processed foods from your diet, replace with more plant-based foods (fruit and veggies), lean meats, and whole grains.

5. Listen to your body

6. There will be setbacks, but do not allow a set back to stop you from reaching your goals every setback is a set up for a comeback!

Once you determine your fitness goals it is best to research which foods you need to eliminate from your diet and which foods you need to add or increase. Because certain foods effect each of us differently. 

Below are just a few links that can help you get started.  There is so much information out there, find something that works for you. The goal is to make is as simple as possible to fit into your schedule.

5k- Walk to Run Workout Plan

The Daniel Plan.

30 Day Ab-Challenge

Presenting: The 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge | A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss.

Pinterest-The Visual Discovery Tool


Naturally Nina♥

Disclaimer- I do not consider myself to be a fitness expert I do strive to eat healthy most of time☻and to be fit, but who knows…one day I could be♥